Mini Rex Jrs
Babies out of our BIS buck Gordan.  
Just eating pellets for the first
time...love them at this age.
Twin Barn's Madonna
Solid Jr doe
Twin Barn's Adelle   X Twin Barn's
Q-TEE!  Love her...wish she didn't
have a slipped crown...
Twin Barn's Waldo
Solid Jr Buck
TB's Jigsaw X KK's  Baxter
Really like this guy.  Wish
he had a straighter front
limb.  First place in a class
of four in his first outing.
Twin Barn's Ambrosia
Will be young sr doe for Nationals.
Out of TB's Apple X TB's Ross
I wish she was an older Jr as I
don't think she can beat my HOT
red senior doe, Cinderella at
Nationals in the Sr doe class.
Twin Barn's Sunoco
Brother to Texaco above.
Out of a Blue tort buck
that goes back to the first
Lil Bits Farm Rabbitry
rabbit  (TB's Oakie)
TB's Sinclair (blue tort) X
TB's Venise
Best Opp of Sex his
second outing at
Lafayette Show
Twin Barn's Brahma
Out of Audrey's Boxer
X Excalibur's Mystique
Light patterned but
enough.  Love the head
and crown.