Mini Rex Jrs
Babies out of our BIS buck Gordan.  
Just eating pellets for the first
time...love them at this age.
Twin Barn's Madonna
olid Jr doe
Twin Barn's A
delle   X Twin Barn's
Q-TEE!  Love her...wish she didn't
have a slipped crown...

Twin Barn's Waldo
Solid Jr Buck
TB's Jigsaw X KK's  Baxter
Really like this guy.  Wish
he had a straighter front
limb.  First place in a class
of four in his first outing.
Far Left
Twin Barn's Pirate's Booty, Red Jr doe out of TB Moxie...convention bound
Middle Pic
TB's Gidget REW jr doe out of TB's Gordean and BC's Carmen....I call this the magic cross!  They almost always are very nice!
Far Right
TB's Flurry, REW jr doe (brood type doe but man she has the depth and shortness you would want in a brood doe)  Out of Kelly's
MISTY and TB's Bach (BOV MR Nationals '14)
Twin Barn's Sunoco
Brother to Texaco above.
Out of a Blue tort buck
that goes back to the first
Lil Bits Farm Rabbitry
rabbit  (TB's Oakie)
TB's Sinclair (blue tort) X
TB's Venise
Best Opp of Sex his
second outing at
Lafayette Show