New Lenox, IL
Allyson's First Best In Show
Our last show in '09 and Rico got BIS
(youth) under Ron Riddle and John
Pretty exciting!
This is me (Julie)  and I love the
rabbits (the dogs are great too.)  Not
sure how I caught the bug, but did
raise and show as a kid.  I never
would've thought that as an adult I
would have such fun with this hobby.  
I am glad that Allyson and I will have
the memories of rabbits, rabbit
friends and rabbit shows.
Julie and Allyson pose with the
Monster BIS Trophy from 2010
Convention sponsored by Purina.
Thanks to Purina for sponsoring the
awards for group 1 winner and BIS.
Ever wonder what 28 rabbits look like in a hotel
room??   We did have permission to have the
rabbits in the room, but we did not say how
many!  Plus you will notice the tarp under the
carriers.  This was an extra large hotel room
with three beds which helped.  Ear plugs helped
me sleep that night!
Allyson and Jessie at the ISRBA Mini Rex Specialty show.  
Jessie with her BOB Brkn Jr doe and Allyson with BOSB -
Gordan (Rico's son.)
The girls get to share the BOB/BOSB awards frequently.
This is a friend who  came to a rabbit show  with us
and took home this critter.  Yes, this is a REAL
RABBIT.  It looks like  a Boyd's Bears Bunny!
Buddha Bunny
TB Eve meditates over her water dish.
Allyson at ARBA convention. in
Minneapolis 11/2010
Simon Chan's rendition of our most
winning Holland, Hugh.
This is such a great likeness of him
and I am thrilled to have one.  My
husband got me this for Christmas a
few year's back.
One of the two "Twin Barns"
Summer 2013
The other barn that matches is to the
left of the trees.  Only bunnies in this
one :-)