Holland Lop
Twin Barn's June Bug
Solid Tort Jr doe
Out of TB's Beatle (below) X
CR & DB Bulldozer
Lots of Holland does not pictured....
Twin Barn's Fresca
Lil Bits Kizmo X TB's Nehi
Brkn Sr doe who has started
Showing very successfully after her
first litter after a so so showing career
as a jr.  I love that Hollands do that :-)
Twin Barn's PussyCat
Out of TB's Josi X CR & DB's
I do like a pretty black Holland over a
Twin Barn's Willow
DOB: 8/3/13
Brkn Sr doe out of TB Mia and
TB Wookie.
BOSB Indiana State Fair 2014
This page needs a
Slowly adding to it as I
get pics of does for this
Twin Barn's Amorous
Brkn Tort Sr Doe
Pretty girl with an ATTITUDE.
Will pose for me with just a few
touches but if the judge handles her
too much she is NO GO.
1 BOSB when still a jr.
Out of Fresca
Twin Barn's Lamb, Sr Doe
n a molt in this picture but you can
appreaciate her good structure.
Twin Barn's SuperStar
Brood/Show doe
out of L and R's Addison and
L and R's Valaura