Twin Barns
Here is a picture of our bunnies humble home. The
top picture was taken when we only had six cages
outside.  We now have more!    We also had to put
up a six foot fence around all of them due to dogs
trying to get the rabbits.  They say you should think
about this before you put rabbits outside and these
are words of wisdom!  Fortunately, no on was hurt
when our intruders came to visit.
I love that they are outside in  good weather.   They
get to come inside in the winter. Their shaded
location keeps them comfortable and able to enjoy
being outside like real bunnies.  The hutches are
great and  constructed by a friend to be extra sturdy
to keep out predators.  Thanks Linda!
We have added on to our shed
and now have a space designed
just for the bunnies  with
insulation, ventilation and good
We like to let the bunnies get some
exercise in outdoor runs.  We had to
place netting over the tops of the runs
so that hawks don't carry them off!  
This almost happened once.