Bunnies we have loved.....
Tabatha was our first home grown Grand
Champion.  We were so excited about
her and felt so lucky to have such an
awesome rabbit so quickly in our
breeding program.  After two failed
litters, I think she retained a kit.  She
got in poor condition and had multiple
medical issues.
I ultimately decided it was best to have
her put down.  3/3/18/09
Rudy was the first rabbit we bought at
convention...and you know convention
prices!!  He showed well with us two
times then began a physical decline.  He
went along looking terrible but eating
small amts...the vet couldn't figure out
what was wrong with him without
expensive tests so we felt it best to end
his slow decline.  He was never able to
reproduce for us.  A very expensive
convention purchase Rudy was!  He was
sweet though, but quite a disapointment
as we were quite excited about buying
This is Madeline, a lovely tort doe that we bought as a
proven doe.  She placed very well in '07 at the ARBA
Convention with her previous owner and had a sweet
personality.  We showed her a bit and she did well but kept
breeding her trying to get a litter out of her.  She never took
after four attempts.  She had a potty belly and grew boney,
though she ate - but mostly liked her oats and any other
treats offered over her pellets.   I would've offered her as a
pet but I knew that something wasn't right with her and she
did not feel healthy as she was so boney.  Regretfully, she
began looking worse still and I felt it was time to let her go.
Poor Fred...he was stolen from my parent's
garage in a home burglary.  He is the only
thing they had time to take before the alarm
went off.  We never of course knew what
happened to him.  He did father RICO who is
the basis of our REW line and a BIS animal.  
Two of his children that I bred to each other
made Twin Barn's Gordan who was the first
Mini Rex to ever win a BIS at ARBA in
Youth at the Minneapolis ARBA in 2010.
We will always remember Fred.
Twin Barn's Ping
Out of Fred's son Deacon and a fabulous doe
from Kim Toohill that carries tri and is now
living at Carl Broady's.    Died on 11/10/11,
unexpectedly with a great coat of fur and great
flesh even though she was just off a litter.  Not
sure what happened but quit eating and was
clearly not right..facing a corner and showing
no interest in anything.  She was a great mom,
threw full hindqtrs and was an easy keeper in
all regards.  So sorry to see you leave Ping.  
Wish I had more of your daughters...sold three
at convention just last week...darn.
Addendum: Met a breeder from Canada who
had acquired a Ping dtr and had a nice buck
from her.  Also a Youth breeder in Tx who
ended up with one of the daughters I referred
to above and got a BIS out of her!