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1) We reserve the right of refusal or can terminate a sale at anytime during the sale process if we determine necessary.

2) A 50% non-refundable deposit may be required if purchase is $40.00 or greater. All money must be received prior to therabbit(s) leaving our possession.

3) Prices are subject to change at anytime according to development of the rabbit.

4) Discounts may be offered for multiple rabbit purchases.

5) We reserve the right to complete a sale in person rather than via the internet or through a third party.

6) We hold no responsibility for the rabbit(s) after they leave our possession. We do not guarantee show quality, reproductive ability, or quality of the offspring as these depend on many different factors.

7)  Health of the rabbit can be affected by many factors including stress from the sale/transportation/change of location for the rabbit.  When we sell a rabbit we can only guarantee its health upon delivery.  We only sell rabbits in good condition without
defects unless otherwise stated (such as a broken toe)  Illness that develops after the sale would not be considered the fault of the seller.

8) No cash refund is available but we will replace another rabbit of same value under certain circumstances and if a similar animal isavailable.

9) All sold rabbits will hold the prefix "Twin Barn's" before the name/ ear number on all pedigrees.

10)  We promise to be pleasant and reasonable through all phases of the sale and expect the same of our buyers :)


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